The landscape of agricultural economics is currently marked by rising prices for key fruits such as strawberries and mangoes, contrasting with the recent boost in supply of vegetables like cucumbers, limes, and beans due to Mexico's heavy rains.

Strawberry costs have risen by 26%, and the momentum suggests further increases. With the season winding down in areas like Salinas/Watsonville and Mexican strawberry exports not yet in full force, prices are lower than what's typically expected at this time of year. However, these conditions are anticipated to shift shortly due to supply dynamics. In light of these fluctuations, having reliable quality assessment tools is essential. BAXLO digital durometers and analog durometers are not just for growers; distributors, suppliers, and quality control teams also find them invaluable. These easy-to-use devices perform non-destructive firmness testing of strawberries, aiding all stakeholders in maintaining premium quality and market readiness.

Similarly, the mango market is seeing an unprecedented price surge, now averaging at $14. With El Niño weather patterns disrupting South American crops, notably in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador, where yields are predicted to fall by 60%, quality assessment is critical.

BAXLO durometers are thus a key asset for various players in the supply chain, allowing for the quick and non-invasive measurement of fruit firmness to ensure the finest quality aligns with the higher market prices.

The practical digital and analog durometers from BAXLO serve a broad array of users beyond production, including quality control specialists, wholesalers, and retailers. These tools enable the entire supply chain to gauge produce quality effectively, making strategic decisions that minimize waste and maximize consumer satisfaction even when market conditions are as volatile as they are currently.